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Bird Watching in Nantahala National Forest

Looking for a way to better experience Mother Nature? Take a trip into the Nantahala National Forest and enjoy some of the many hiking trails in the forest. Nantahala National Forest surrounds Nantahala Lake, meaning you don't have to go far from your cabin to experience these trails. Not only do these hiking trails offer some amazing views of the scenery but there are plenty of chances to go bird watching. Bird watching, or birding, is a hobby consisting of the observation of birds in their natural habitats. What better place to view birds in nature than while hiking in Nantahala National Forest?

Your Nantahala hiking experience may vary, of course, depending on the time of year you visit. During the winter months, most of the birds may have already migrated to a warmer climate. If you catch them during the spring or fall months, you may have a better chance to catch the return of native Nantahala birds as well as non-native birds who have decided to make a stop in the forest during their travels. Either way, this is a fun and relaxing activity to include in your mountain vacation in North Carolina.

All of the cabins and luxury yurts at stayNantahala are immersed in the natural beauty of Nantahala Lake, making it an ideal spot for a lake vacation in North Carolina. You can relax in the comfort of your balcony and observe the beauty of Nantahala National Forest and may even see many of the forest dwellers, like birds, or you can venture around the area to explore what's nearby. If you'd like to go on a bigger adventure, pack your bag and some snacks for a day of exploration at one of the trails nearby to see what hiking in the Nantahala National Forest has to offer.

Whiteside Mountain

Whiteside Mountain Trail is just shy of two miles in distance and is the ideal spot to catch a glimpse of the common Raven, Canada Warbler and the endangered Peregrine Falcon that begins nesting in April. The best time to catch the falcon is in March or mid-summer when fledglings begin honing their flying and hunting skills.

Glen Falls

Glen Falls is a two-mile trail that takes you into the beauty of the forest. You will actually encounter three large waterfalls, each dropping over 50 feet. Glen Falls is a popular spot to go birding and is accessible all year-round. This pet friendly trail also welcomes visitors who love to hike, walk and go on nature trips so traffic can get a bit heavy at times. Nantahala National Forest has a lot of waterfalls and this hiking trail is a great way to see some. 

Dry Falls Trail

Dry Falls Trail is less than a half of a mile and is near Highlands, North Carolina. Just like Glen Falls, this spot is also frequented by visitors and locals who visit to go hiking. This trail features a beautiful Nantahala waterfall that makes the short walk worth the wait.

Bartram Trail: Wallace Branch to William's Pulpit

Spanning a little over four miles in length, Bartram Trail, is the longest hike on our list. Located near Franklin, North Carolina, this trail also features a beautiful waterfall. The trail is open throughout the year, but experts suggest the best times to visit are between the months of March through October.

So, the next time you book your Nantahala Lake vacation, be sure to visit one of the amazing trails nearby where you can enjoy the fresh, brisk air of the forest and observe the birds in their natural habitat. This will show you why visiting a lake in the North Carolina mountains is well worth the trip.

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